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Whether you have a persistent sweet tooth, a momentary craving, or an upcoming special occasion, The Lolli Shop is the best place to find all the lollies you need to satisfy your needs.  We are the go-to online lolly shop in Australia, offering everyone an extensive selection comprising favourite Australian, American, Dutch, and UK lolly brands.

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Explore Our Extensive Variety of Lollies
At The Lolli Shop, we understand your need for amazing lollies that offer you fantastic textures and flavours. That is what our selection aims to provide you. Browse through the products in our catalogue and give your tastebuds the treat they deserve. Some of the choices we offer include:
Gummy Lollies
Are you a fan of gummy bears? Then you will not be disappointed by our large selection! Browse through our massive selection, sampling gummy bears of all the flavours, colours, shapes, and sizes!
It doesn’t end there - while you can never go wrong with the classic option of gummy bears, our selection of gummy lollies offers a lot more variety, with every one of them just as fun and tasty. Care for a little confectionery adventure - why not try some of the rainbow-coloured and sugar-dusted jelly snakes?
Sour Lollies
Packed with the perfect combination of sweetness and sourness to excite your taste buds, sour lollies are another excellent option. To add to their flavourful excitement, sour lollies come in various sizes and shapes. Consider getting the mixed sour lollies and have a bag with a little bit of everything.
From sour worms and fizzy sherbet to sour mega popping dips, at The Lolli Shop, we’ll make sure to help your sweet and sour cravings!
The Ultimate Sweet Tooth Delicacy
Reward yourself with the ultimate sweet tooth delicacy today. Suppose you are a fan of lollies or are interested in expanding your confectionery palette by trying out different tastes and flavours. In that case, The Lolli Shop is the perfect place for you.
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