All You Need To Know About Hershey's Chocolate

All You Need To Know About Hershey's Chocolate

The Central Americans enjoyed chocolate centuries ago. Then, the Spanish brought the sweet treat to Europe for them to enjoy. Europeans went wild with chocolate, and now it is a worldwide delicacy with centuries of history.

In the late 1800s, Milton Hershey developed a love for chocolate that would revolutionize the candy industry. In 1900, that vision became a reality when his company sold its first candy bar. However, there are some facts about Hershey’s chocolate that many people don’t know.

Let’s take a look at some of these and delve into the history of the Hershey Chocolate Company.

Milton Hershey Didn’t Finish School.

That’s right! Milton Hershey moved around as a child because of his father’s job. As a result, he frequently changed schools.

After finishing his fourth-grade education, his parents wanted him to learn a trade to help provide for his family. He became an apprentice for a local printer, but he hated it. In 1872, he got a job working for a candy business and fell in love with turning cocoa beans into a confection.

After a few years working for Joseph Royer, he moved to Philadelphia and started his first business, which failed. Then, he started another company, selling caramels. In 1894, he instituted the Hershey Chocolate Company, fulfilling his love for chocolate.

Despite his lower education, Hershey made incredible decisions for his business, interests, and family. He always surrounded himself with strong advisors and promoted a positive work environment for his employees. Milton Hershey created a legacy that survived him long past his death in 1945.

Hershey Cared for His Employees and Others

With the success of his business, Milton Hershey discovered an intense feeling of responsibility for the well-being of his employees and the wider world. He and his wife couldn't have children, so they donated vast sums of money to help orphans. They even founded a school for orphaned boys that still stands today.

Hershey also founded the town of Hershey for his employees. He designed the model town to be a utopia for his employees, with public transportation, recreational facilities, and a public school system. This became the Hershey Park that draws visitors from around the world today.

How Kisses Got Their Name Is a Mystery

No one knows how the bite-sized Hershey’s Kisses got their name. The company started manufacturing them in 1907, but only the company's founder knew the candy's namesake. Most people believe Milton Hershey based the name on the sound of the manufacturing machines when pushing out chocolate.

Hershey Had Tickets for the Titanic

One of the lesser-known facts about Hershey’s life is that he avoided death on the Titanic. In 1911, when the Titanic was ready to sail, Hershey was rich enough to travel where he pleased. He and his wife stayed in Nice, France, and reserved a stateroom on the Titanic.

They did not make the maiden voyage of the White Star cruise ship for some unknown reason. Some stories say he was sick and had to leave France early; others say he had to return to work early. Whether it was an employee, a cold, or divine providence, Hershey missed a trip that may have cost him his life and his company’s future.

The Hershey’s Chocolate Company Aided the War & Space Effort

US Military representatives met with Milton Hershey to create something special for the soldiers before joining World War II. The company made a bar that withstood heavy combat conditions.

While the bar didn't have the best taste, it fulfilled the needs of the US Military and fed hungry soldiers between 1941 and 1945. The next iteration of the bar would last in high temperatures for a full hour. This bar went into space on Apollo 15 in 1971.

Hershey’s Chocolate Now

We could go on for hours with more facts about Hershey's chocolate, but we'll stop here. The company that brought you “Mr. Goodbar” and the peanut butter cup has a rich, colourful history, and we offer all Hershey’s candy at our store.

At the Lolli Shop, we stock only the finest brands from all over the world. Visit our online store to get some candy, or call us at 61-7-4599-9167 if you have any questions.

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