The Sweet History of Australian Lollies

The Sweet History of Australian Lollies

Everyone loves to satisfy their sweet tooth craving with a great lolly. Lollies bring out the kid's personality in us and are available in different colours and flavours.

Again, lollies are a great way to bring life to a party. But, with all the varieties and excitement around lollies, what is the history behind them?

Read on to learn the sweet history of Australian lollies.

Who Invented Australian Lollies?

Australian lollies have a long history. Evidence shows they date back to 2000 B.C when Egyptians used them as great treats.

Back in the day, Egyptians were known to please their sweet cravings with dried honey that they complemented with nuts and dried fruits. The combination brought about a type of candy known as rock candy.

The Allen snakes and minties you love today had their humble beginnings. They are still a favourite for many lolly lovers to this day.

As years progressed, cultures worldwide began to invent their lollies. The difference in tastes and colour makes it why humans are obsessed with different types of candy. The process was slow but sure.

Lollies have been a part of Australian culture for many years. Australian lollies come in different brands and flavours and can be found in all parts of the world. Many independent lolly makers are believed to have come from Australia.

Yet, Australia’s lolly-making activities gained significance from the mid to the late 1800s. It is during this period that most Australian lollies hit the candy markets.

In 1880, MacRobertson, responsible for lollies like Freddy and Cherry ripe, came into being. In 1891, Australia gained the largest confectionery, Allen’s, founded in Melbourne.

The history of Australian lollies has since brought about making different lollies available in Australian lolly shops. They include:

  • Skittles Original
  • Chupa Chups Chew Strawberry
  • Chupa Chups Chew Cola
  • Wacky Bubble Gum Roll
  • Ice Cream Candy

While these are a few lollies found in most Australian lolly shops, their names clarify the obsession humans have for sweets. The legendary lollies created in Australia in the 1890s are still today.

The demand for lollies was so great that the business employs over 3000 employees. The staffs were not in Australia as some were exported to different countries to further the production and sales of lollies.

In 1967, Carbury took over MacRobertson, which was the largest lolly manufacturer in Australia at the time. Two years later, Carbury merged with Schweppes Australia, but the collaboration lasted a short while. The two companies split, and the business was later renamed Cadbury Australia.

MacRobertson’s best lollies are still available in Australian lolly shops including Cherry Ripes, Freddo Frogs, Columbines, Scorched Almonds, and Old Gold Chocolate.

Does the Future Hold Anything for Lollies?

Many campaigns have advocated for healthier eating and a disregard for too much junk, including candy. While these campaigns are meant for everyone’s good, likely, the lollies will never truly go away.

Can anyone resist the urge for a sweet candy? There are different occasions by which lollies demand continues to rise in Australia. The Halloween, lolly buffets and multicolour lollies are examples of events where lollies must be made available. The sessions are incomplete without a sweet candy.

With a competitive market out there, retailers and wholesalers are resorting to giving their customers the option of purchasing Australian lollies in bulk. The history of Australian lollies has come with its advantages for lolly lovers.

There is a great need to stack up lollies in bulk when having a party. This can be a little expensive. The secret is to plan. While making your order for lollies online, you are guaranteed a sweet deal that will not strain your budget.

Initially, people made sweet lollies from hardened honey. Today, you can get lollies in different shapes and flavours at great quality and affordable prices. The transformation continues to be evident.

Today, getting lollies in Australia is easy. If you are making plans for a lolly buffet for a bridal shower, you have an option to buy in bulk from The Lolli Shop.

If you have little ones you want to excite at a birthday party with different candy types carrying different flavours, you can make purchases for the same in bulk.

Order a lolly buffet in bulk if you are launching a new company in Australia and want to excite your corporate partners and clients.

The history of sweet Australian lollies started with the invention of different candies that have blossomed into big Australian candy shops, with the lollies being shipped globally. The demand for these lollies is so high, making the future for lollies a bright one.

8th Apr 2022 the lolli shop

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