History of Nerds

History of Nerds

Where did Nerds candy first get their start?

Nerds came onto the market many years ago back in 1983 and they were introduced under the brand name Willy Wonka Candy Factory Company, they came from the Sunmark Corporation and quickly became one of the most popular candies of the decade. It would be several years later when Nerds candy would be purchased by Nestle in 1988. Later on the Nerds candy would end up with the Ferrero Group after it was sold by Nestle for over $2 billion.

Who makes Nerds candy today?

Nerds today on the market are produced by the Ferrara Candy Company.

Today there are many products that you can find under the Willy Wonka Candy Factory Company name and there are still Nerds products in many varieties of flavours and styles to find as well.

What are Nerds candy made of?

Nerds candy is primarily made with sugar and you will find ingredients being used like malic acid, sugar, and dextrose. You will also see corn syrup being used, carnauba wax, artificial colouring too, and other artificial flavours.

What did Nerds candy used to look like?

Back in the beginning when Nerds candies first came onto the market they came out in a small and colourful box with the Nerds characters on the front. They were clearly labelled as Willy Wonka candy and offered several flavours like orange, cherry cola, cherry, and others. Over the years they would also offer other Nerds candies like rainbow Nerds. As well we have seen dual flavour boxes that had more than one flavour come onto the market too.

How popular were Nerds candy?

When they came out it didn't take long for Nerds candy to see tremendous popularity. That is still true today in that you can find Nerds candies being produced and available around the world. Children today still love to enjoy Nerds candies in one variety or another. Nerds candies are one of the most iconic candies to ever hit the market. They are one of the most memorable and famous candies that have and will ever be created. It has achieved great success and after several decades we still know and love Nerds candies.

What types of Nerds candy are there?

There are many different flavours that you can find available for Nerds candies. Not only that but you can find more than box candy options too, such as the rope for example. For flavours and a variety of Nerds candy available in the market, there are several options for different tastes. This includes flavours like strawberry Nerds, grape, orange, lemonade, sour apple, and others. Some of those flavours of Nerds have been available for years and have proven to be some of the best flavours for this candy option due to their continued popularity.

Many children grew up loving these fun boxes of flavoured Nerds candies and still today can share them with their own children. You can find a wide range of Nerds candies still being produced.

Types of Nerds products available:

  • Nerds Rope Rainbow
  • Nerds Gummy Clusters
  • Nerds Watermelon & Cherry
  • Nerds Candy Corn
  • Nerds Strawberry & Grape
  • Nerds Gumball
  • Nerds Rope Tropical
  • Nerds Neon Pink & Orange

These are a few of the current Nerds products that you can find being produced today. The Nerds candies have come a long way and you can find more than the original box of small Nerds crunchy candies. The packaging has changed a lot over the years for the Nerds candies but the same delicious and fun product inside remains the same that many still enjoy.

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